“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi I suspect we can all remember a time when our curiosity led us down an unexpected path… When _I Wonder_ led .png

What is it to consciously live a curious life? I wonder about that…  

A curious life is a life worth living… it is messy, imperfect, and it doesn’t run in straight lines. It can wander, meander, make u-turns or slam on the brakes for a breather. It is a whole-hearted leaning into the unknown, a wondering & joy in discovery & serendipity.

This website and Blog are all about letting curiosity be your guide – taking time to make your soul happy. Perhaps your curiosity has led you here, or if you are here by chance then hopefully it will encourage to read on and discover more. Welcome!

I hope you find something for yourself & your journey here in my musings and sharings and explorations of life’s biggest themes. Or check out Work With Me or my Events pages if you would like to find out more about that side of what I do. 



About curiosity

I suspect we can all remember a time when our curiosity led us down an unexpected path… When “I Wonder” led to a surprise or discovery…. “What do you think about this”… opened a fascinating conversation… or what about “What If?” Well that has undoubtedly led each of us to learn something, even if it is not to do that again.

Curiosity might have led to a sliding doors moment when you thought you knew where life was headed, or opened horizons when what you thought was it crumbled to dust. Or it might simply have led to an afternoon of joy playing with your children, a night walk listening to owls hooting, an unexpected find, a secret revealed…

Human beings are curious by nature.  And curiosity is an essential trait. It is the basis of all discovery – scientific, technological, creative, personal. That willingness to be in the questioning, in the openness of wondering, has led to innovation & advancement (& all the pros & cons involved). What’s perhaps even more important, being curious about others & the world around us as well as our own inner worlds can help us to find a deeper connection.

On a personal level, being curious can support us to find our way out of feeling lost or stuck, or out of isolation, anxiety and depression. By inquiring into what is really going on, we are able to observe, feel & understand the habits, emotional wounds & conditioning that cause us to react rather than respond, to contract rather than expand. It promotes presence, growth & resilience and opens our hearts and minds.

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