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Thank you for visiting my site. I am Leonie Gordon and I am a holistic counsellor and self development coach. I also teach and guide meditation and self inquiry.

With a background in law/media/international environmental policy and a Masters in Anthropology, I now bring my experience to bear in supporting and inspiring people to live a curious and conscious life.

Curiosity provides a gateway to a deeper connection with ourselves and through this to the emergence of a natural sense of creativity, joy and fulfillment.

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I support clients in identifying their underlying conditioning, emotional blocks and barriers, promoting self-care, unlocking creativity and curiosity and reconnecting with joy. Developing self-awareness is central to this, and I seek to help clients to be in the present moment and rediscover and nurture their natural connection to their own truth.

My work is founded upon years of self development practices and combines understandings of Western Humanistic Psychology and Middle Eastern and Eastern approaches.

leonie gordon

Self Development Coach and Holistic Counsellor

Why be curious?

When did you last do something out of pure curiosity and where did it lead you? This instinct came naturally to us as children, when we had curiosity coursing through our bodies, excitedly exploring new experiences. Human beings are curious by nature. The desire to explore, find out, wonder, understand is an essential human trait. And it is the basis of discovery – scientific, technological, creative, personal. Cultivating an open curiosity about what we are experiencing or feeling can support us to find our way out of feeling lost or stuck, or out of isolation, anxiety and depression. So how can we encourage this?


I provide individual sessions in person and online on Zoom. These sessions provide a safe, confidential environment for you to explore and discuss the areas of your life where you are struggling or stuck. I offer a holding space – compassionate, therapeutic presence – attuned to your needs, to enable you to go deeper into issues that you are facing. Some people respond to a coaching approach while others are seeking a more therapeutic space to seek understanding, integration and healing.

Ultimately I believe everyone has their own answers and so self inquiry is at the core of what I do. I am in there with you as we explore within a strong foundation of trust.


Start your morning with a guided meditation in a nourishing space. Join me for our sessions online via Zoom, every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning.
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I have been lucky enough to work with Leonie in a deeply therapeutic way with somatic experiencing – it is an intense process but one I have found to be profoundly healing. Working in this way takes a great deal of trust & I am so lucky to have found such a compassionate therapist and coach. I can’t thank you enough.
Jacquie Shortland
If you are battling with stress, anxiety or need to clear your head of unhelpful static, these sessions with Leonie are a must for you. Leonie is a hugely powerful practitioner who will help you unlock negative emotions from within your body and mind, help you gain clarity and help you find peace. Do yourself a favour!
Sam Gifford

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