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What inspired me today

I came across this by Matt Licata this morning – have a beautiful day …

‘Underneath the narrative of your life, just below the grand storyline, even beneath the colorful emotional landscape, there exists a rich, mysterious world of sensations – a somatically-organized field of intelligence, creativity, and aliveness. But there is no support here for personal identity; here, life is revealed to be much less about ‘me’ than we thought. There are no ‘problems’ here, nothing to be fixed, cured, or shifted. There is only an untamed fire of presence. And aliveness. 


In any moment, you can enter this field and come to see in a very direct way that whatever arises in your present experience – whatever thought, feeling, emotion, image, hope, or fear – no matter how seemingly disturbing – is ultimately and immediately workable, and a portal into the great natural perfection. It is pure energy. Even your anxiety, fear, and your confusion – it is all valid. From within the mandala of the beloved, there is no bias; for she will make use of any energy to reveal her qualities here.

Descending into the body, into this wide open, empty space can seem terrifying, because it is so unknown. You can no longer find many of the familiar reference points of the mind from which you have come to organize your life. There is no complaining here, no resentment, no ‘understanding’ – not even any ‘transformation’ or ‘healing’ as we have come to think of these terms. Nothing is ‘unhealed’ or in need of transformation. Just raw, naked, experience, free from interpretation. Raw, tender, open, and warm.

The body is an invitation, an entryway into the freedom, love, and vastness that you are. For it is out of this alive, pregnant mandala of creativity that flow the qualities of kindness, compassion, attunement, and presence. This is what you are.’


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