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All I Want

Here is a little piece I wrote a while back and feel ready to share with you….

All I Want…

Is for you to hold me in your arms like I am the only one who has any right to be there

To sink into your embrace, knowing, deep within the core of my being, that I am yours and you are mine

To hold each other to the fire of our truth and be there, wide eyed, serious, sincere

That’s what I want.

All I Want….

Is to be of some significance in the world

To have my being here make ripples, endless ripples, of sweet, strong, true difference across the globe

To sing my song and for it to be heard

To be felt.

That’s what I want.

All I want…

Is for my arms to be toned, my back to be strong, my core to feel life calling and draw me on

My heartbeat true to the Universe’s drum.

To love deeply, fiercely, endlessly

Received, desired, met.

Actually, that’s not much to ask – is it?


I’m curious…

What do you Want?

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