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Get Unstuck!

Now the schools are back here in Scotland, it is time for some planning and prep for the next chapter of the year… Coming up soon is my next 2-day workshop here in Aberdeenshire with career-shift experts Eyes Wide Opened on 10th and 11th September. You can find out more information or to book tickets here.

This is the process for you if you are feeling lost, confused or just plain stuck about what to do next in your work-life. We all need support in times of transition and finding a new job or a new direction can be challenging so don’t do it on your own. On the Eyes Wide Opened retreat you will be guided into some quality introspection, increase your self-awareness and receive coaching from top quality career coaches. You will emerge with a deeper understanding of your skills, strengths and qualities and more clarity about the way forward for you.

I love running this workshop – such rich material – and it really is the best process I have found so far in deep-diving into who you are and what your work is…

I have also just scheduled the next one for 2nd and 3rd November if this one is too soon. Watch this space…!

Do get in touch if you have any questions for a no obligation introductory chat.

Workshops by Leonie Gordon

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