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In stillness we can sense the future as it emerges

A friend shared the below with me from Cit. F. MORELLI, (Italian writer and psychologist, translated into English). It resonates deeply with the sense I am making of now.

I feel the tension of holding the paradox of feeling some fear yet trust… sadness for those already suffering sickness or loss by the virus and relief that so far my friends and family are safe… shock at the selfishness of bulk buying yet pull to make sure we have what we need… a nagging concern about the effects of the isolation on so many and desire to offer my support with all I have learned about nurturing connection with oneself and community… and most of all a deep respect for those right in the thick of things.

May we all where we can take this time as the world is quietening to take a pause. I feel the potential or even inevitability of a deep shift in the world. With travel increasingly restricted, emissions reducing, air clearing, the earth has a chance to breathe and we can catch our breath perhaps. I am aware of the challenge of that symbolism right now but the connection can’t be avoided. And I am talking daily with people about the capabilities for virtual connection being realised… organisations are considering or stepping into paradigm shifts in the way they work. Having worked virtually for years and managed and facilitated virtual teams for years, so much is possible.And we have the possibility to embrace this general slowing of the fast pace and rushed movement that takes us away from ourselves and the present moment. And to lean into the uncertainty with curiosity.

I feel we are in transition, devastating as it is – and there is hope for us to allow a rebalancing if not even more…

Here is how F Morelli wrote it 🙏

I think that the universe has its way of returning the balance to things according to its own laws, when they are altered. The times we are living, are full of paradoxes… In an era in which climate change is reaching levels of concern about the natural disasters that are happening, China in the first place and so many other countries are then forced to block; The economy collapses, but pollution drops considerably. The quality of the air we breathe improves, we use masks, but nevertheless we continue to breathe …

In a historical moment in which certain discriminatory policies and ideologies, with strong claims to a shameful past, are resurfacing all over the world, a virus appears that makes us experience that, in the blink of an eye, we can become discriminated against, those those who are not allowed to cross the border, those who transmit diseases. Still not having any fault, even being white, western and with all kinds of economic luxuries within our reach. In a society that is based on productivity and consumption, in which we all run 14 hours a day chasing it is not very well known what, without rest, without pause, suddenly a forced break is imposed on us. At home, day after day. To count the hours of a time to which we have lost the value, if this is not measured in compensation of some kind or in money.

Do we still know how to use our time without a specific purpose? In an era in which the raising of children, for greater reasons, is often delegated to other figures and institutions, the Coronavirus forces us to close schools and forces us to look for alternative solutions, to put dad and mother back together with the children themselves. It forces us to become family again. In a dimension in which interpersonal relationships, communication, socialization, is carried out in the (not) virtual space of social networks, giving us the false illusion of closeness, this virus takes away the true closeness, the real one: that nobody touches, kisses, hugs, everything must be done at a distance, in the coldness of the absence of contact. How much have we taken for granted these gestures and their meaning?…

In a time when just thinking about oneself becomes the norm, this virus sends us a clear message: the only way to get out of this is to make pineapple, to resurface in us the feeling of helping others, of belonging to a collective, of being part of something greater about what to be responsible for and that in turn takes responsibility for us. Co-responsibility: feeling that the fate of those around you depends on your actions, and that you depend on them. Let’s stop looking guilty or ask ourselves why this has happened, and let’s start thinking about what we can learn from all of it. We all have much to reflect on and strive for. With the universe and its laws it seems that humanity is already quite in debt and that it is coming to explain this epidemic, at an expensive price. “

Be safe, take care and love to those who are suffering or anxious and deep respect to those on the frontline.

If you can, be still.

Reach out 🧡

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