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Showing up online

Prompted by the lovely people at ArtFarm, I have reconnected with my media background, on the other side of the camera this time, with my first vlog piece… it took not just 20 seconds of courage but more like about 50 takes for this little 5-minute video. Still, there was a joy in playing around and experimenting at creating something that people might enjoy or benefit from in these times. Once I let go of the need to get it right, I could relax and enjoy the process.

Its so often about that first step to show up. I noticed I had a lot of anxiety about getting it absolutely perfect but it was only when I let go of the control, dropped my inner judgment about what I looked like, sounded like, and getting the wording absolutely perfect that I could be more present with the message I wanted to get across and what I had to share with the people I hoped would watch the video. It was really about the experience I hoped people would have when they gave up some of their precious time to listen to what I was saying.

Once I had taken a deep breath and pressed upload, I felt more confident to ‘just have a go’ a second time, and also not to worry so much about getting it perfect! And so I took on another opportunity and now I have two vlogs on my Youtube Channel acuriouslife and I go Live on Facebook tomorrow for the first time… 

We don’t have to take big steps, just as long as they are in the right direction!

So this wee post is just to share my new ventures with you in showing up online – something we are all being called to embrace more often in these virtually connected times. The theme of both vlogs is how finding moments of just being curious about our current experience, being present, and just being, is so vital to our emotional wellbeing right now. It is such a simple way to get our feet on the ground, out of our heads and making that all important connection with our surroundings and with the oft-ignored wisdom of the body. Click here to watch

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