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Relax into Basic Trust

This Sunday is my last Guided Meditation on Zoom for the time being – I have plans hatching and need to be more offline for this. So I hope you can join me on Sunday at 9.30-10.15am – register here if you can:

In the meantime I am also recording some downloadable guided meditations you can listen to any time. My first one: the Basic Trust Guided Meditation is the first in the A Curious life Meditation series. It is guided by me, with piano played by the talented Mel Schroeder. We recorded this last year on a friend’s gorgeous grand piano so it was a spontaneous creation – raw and pretty much as it emerged. It has sparked my inspiration to create a series to support different aspects of the essential essence of being human.

So its about being held in Trust – at the root of our freedom to be.

My voice guides you into a calm, peaceful state of relaxation. Mel’s playing provides a delicate background to my words. When we can slow down, connect to and trust the support that is naturally available to us, our nervous system can settle and our minds can be still to open us up to a more relaxed state of being.

People think of meditation as some kind of special activity, but this is not how I see it. Meditation is simplicity itself. It is not just about sitting, or stilling the mind, or trying to get somewhere. It is simply about stopping and being present, that is all.

My meditations are all about encouraging presence. About allowing ourselves to be truly in touch with where we already are, now. And in order for that, first we have got to pause in our activity long enough to let the present moment sink in – long enough to actually feel the present moment, to see it in its fullness to hold it in awareness and thereby come to know and understand it and our experience of it better.

Only then can we be present, not in the doing or the thinking about what we need to do and where we need to be or what has happened or what will happen. Not in the trying to meditate or in efforting, or working at dropping the mind.

So often we are preoccupied with the past or the future that hasn’t yet arrived yet. And particular now when we are facing so much uncertainty and potentially feeling fear or anxiety about that future our minds are overwhelmed when we try to make sense or understand.

In listening to the guidance you can take some time away from the past or the future and just take notice of what is here just right now.  

Stop all the doing and thinking is to shift into a being mode for a moment. Consider yourself as an eternal witness, as timeless, an observer. Just watch this moment, without trying to change it at all. 

The funny thing about stopping is that as soon as you do it, here you are, present. No effort, nothing to do to be here.

In the meditation I will guide you into connecting with what you are feeling, sensing, noticing of your experience right now.

I invite you to be curious – to pay close attention – to just notice, observe, make contact with whatever is there for you just now.

You can hear a clip and purchase your download here.

I would love to hear from you if you go ahead and listen. I am always curious to hear how the experience is and if it is helping. Feedback please and, if you like it, I would be so grateful if you could share and spread the word.

I hope that this will offer people some peace – it is always about finding our way to the present moment

With love from me to you


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