About Leonie

I am Leonie Gordon and I am the founder of A Curious Life and am based in Scotland. I am a self development coach and holistic counsellor and teach meditation and self-inquiry.

I offer online guided meditation and inquiry sessions and individual sessions, in person or online. I also run workshops on creativity and am a career-shift coach with Eyes Wide Opened.

With a background in law/media/international environmental policy and a Masters in Anthropology, I bring my experience to bear on writing, coaching and inspiring people to live a curious and conscious life. Curiosity provides a gateway to a deeper connection with ourselves and through this to the emergence of a natural sense of creativity and fulfilment.

my life & story

I am a wonderer by nature. I was a nomadic expat kid, British by blood but spent my childhood moving between the West Indies, Kenya and Holland. Whether it was nature or nurture though, I have a gypsy soul…Since graduating I have set up home in London, Brussels, Brighton, Kenya, Cameroon and most recently Scotland, and I have travelled all over….

I love exploring, seeking, transforming, traveling – inner and outer worlds… Beauty of all sorts makes my heart sing – people, animals, music, art, style, oceans, wildlife and wild places, fashion, words…  and since I was a child I have believed that everything is sacred from the largest mountain to the smallest plant and animal.

My blog is my way of sharing the joy – what I stumble across and wonder at in this curious world in all its forms – lifestyle, well-being, people doing amazing things, and how we can each walk gently in our own unique way.

For as long as I can remember I have been seeking meaning – to find how I can make a difference. I’ve worked as a media lawyer, film-maker, academic and with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin as an expert on international environment and sustainable development negotiations and managing their virtual network of consultants. I graduated in law and have a Masters in Anthropology of Social Transformation. I am also a Reiki master, Transformative Coach and Holistic Counsellor.

The highlights 6 months volunteering on a chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya; 3 weeks in Israel and Palestine on Jeremy Gilley’s Peace One Day project, a successful campaign to create a World Day of Peace; filming a documentary about greening up the rooftops of NYC, a summer in Brighton, England producing a feature film on a shoestring; putting my heart and soul into developing a one-stop-shop wildlife dotcom; 9 years with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin team – a joy; and finding my spiritual home in the work of Path Retreats. I’ve written an thesis on Belonging and always have a number of creative projects percolating.

Becoming who you truly are

Carl Jung said the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are and I am a work-in-progress – life as a journey peeling back the layers to live life to the full. Right now I live in Scotland with my beautiful daughter Elena and our dog Sugar. I am a deep thinker, am moved by beauty & meaning and love writing my blog – exploring the world around me and within through a curious lens.