About me

fullsizeoutput_52fb.jpegHello I am Leonie. Welcome to my site! Here is a little bit about me…

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I am a wonderer by nature. I was a nomadic expat kid, British by blood but spent my childhood moving between the West Indies, Kenya and Holland. Whether it was nature or nurture though, I have a gypsy soul…Since graduating I have set up home in London, Brussels, Brighton, Kenya, Cameroon and most recently Scotland, and I have travelled all over…. I love exploring, seeking, transforming, travelling – inner and outer worlds… Beauty of all sorts makes my heart sing – people, animals, music, art, style, oceans, wildlife and wild places, fashion, words…  and since I was a child I have believed that everything is sacred from the largest mountain to the smallest plant and animal so conscious living, green architecture, finding ways to up-cycle, re-use, declutter are my bag. This blog is my way of sharing the joy – what I stumble across and wonder at in this curious world in all its forms – lifestyle, wellbeing, people doing amazing things, and how we can each walk gently in our own unique way.

Quote by Gus Speth about the environment and scientists

My back-story

For as long as I can remember I have been seeking meaning – to find how I can make a difference. I’ve worked as a media lawyer, film-maker, academic and with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin as an expert on international environment and sustainable development negotiations and managing their virtual network of consultants. I graduated in law and have a Masters and (as yet unfinished) doctorate in Anthropology. I am also a Reiki master, coach and holistic counsellor. I’ve organised fundraising events, volunteered in wildlife conservation, found and sold beautiful things, had a few stabs at writing a book and making a feature film, dabbled with being a photographer and an artist, helped open a hot yoga studio, run a holistic venue, and done a serious amount of personal development and spiritual seeking. A coach once told me to follow my body around when I felt lost and I am beginning to understand what she meant…

The highlights 6 months volunteering on a chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya; 3 weeks in Israel and Palestine on Jeremy Gilley’s Peace One Day project, a successful campaign to create a World Day of Peace; filming a documentary about greening up the rooftops of NYC, a summer in Brighton, England producing a feature film on a shoestring; putting my heart and soul into developing a one-stop-shop wildlife dotcom; 9 years with the Earth Negotiations Bulletin team – a joy; and finding my spiritual home in the work of Path Retreats. I’ve written an thesis on Belonging and am still considering finishing my doctoral research on the Great Apes Survival Project.



Becoming who you truly are

I’ve had my heart broken several times, learned resilience, and eventually realised how heartbreak opens me up to even more love.  Carl Jung said the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are and I am a work-in-progress – life as a journey peeling back the layers to live life to the full. Right now I live in Scotland with my beautiful 10-year daughter Elena and our dog Sugar. I work as a coach and therapist, run workshops on creativity and vision boarding and am a career-shift coach with Eyes Wide Opened. I am a deep thinker, am moved by beauty & meaning and write – exploring the world around me and within through a curious lens.


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