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Vision boards – tap into what you really want

I starting creating vision boards about 10 years ago when a group of friends and I would get together at the beginning of the year to make a collage to represent what we wanted to create for our year ahead. It was a social event and it was a good excuse to get together and share our dreams – whether it was a new job, new kitchen or new relationship or to let go of something we didn’t want in our lives any more.

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How a coach can help you

Have you ever felt you were stuck in life? In your job, relationship, whatever situation – just incredibly stuck? Trust me, everyone feels like this at some point in their lives. Some seek help, other struggle on. Often just burying their feelings and ‘getting on with it’, because that’s what is expected, or at least that is what you think. Not dealing with issues in your life can have very negative effects on both your mental and physical health however, and why would you want to ignore them? After all, you’d be going to see a doctor if you had a sore leg or a persisting cough, wouldn’t you? Mental health is just as important as looking after your body.  Continue reading How a coach can help you