Holistic Counselling

Do you want to unlock your true potential and live a life that is authentic and truly meaningful to you? Do you feel lost, confused or suffer from anxiety and stress?

Going to a counsellor is not something everyone wants to shout from the roof tops. You may worry you will be judged by friends, colleagues or even your family… or you may feel you should be able to sort things out on your own. Confusion, depression, anxiety or any emotional struggles are often seen as a sign of weakness, perhaps even more so when you are a man. A shame really, because life is so much gentler on us all if we give equal weight to our mental, emotional and spiritual health as we do to our physical and not run ourselves into the ground at home or at work without talking to anybody about it.


My aim as a holistic counsellor is to create a safe and confidential space for people to explore whatever they are dealing with in life. Many who come to me are in transition in some way or feel lost, stuck or confused. Some have suffered a traumatic event or crisis, some are struggling with coping with life’s challenges, others need someone to talk to following redundancy or a relationship breakdown.

Through deep open inquiry I support people to be curious about what they are dealing with, and bring my experience and the right questions to help then find their own answers, because we all have them! All too often this internal wisdom has been ignored for years and is just waiting to come to the surface and be acknowledged.

My approach focuses on the felt-sense (body) above thoughts and emotions (mind) and on mindfulness and meditation techniques. I work with you to increase self-awareness through building your ability to listen closely to all of yourself, without judgment, and to develop ways of dealing with trauma, shock and other stress-related disorders. You are able to identify your underlying conditioning, clearing emotional blocks and barriers, promoting self-healing, and feel more calm and grounded in the world. This helps with releasing what is holding you back from feeling happy and fulfilled.

Man standing in autumn forest thinking about life

The way I work with you combines mindfulness and meditation tools and is based in understandings of Western Humanistic Psychology and Middle Eastern and Eastern Philosophy.

Contact me here for an initial confidential chat about what you are dealing with or to book in for a session here one-to-one counselling.