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I am a Presence-based therapist and educator.

Presence-based therapy – emotional, cognitive and behavioural self-awareness

Relationship Counselling – Inner Man/Inner Woman work.

Mindfulness/Meditation – Education & Guidance

Inquiry – Personal Growth – Awareness – Authenticity – Intuition – Creativity – Peace – Meditation – Mindfulness – Essence Work

Unblocking Creative Flow and Visioning

My approach is based on the understanding that the body and mind are not separate. They are really one entity, the body-mind, and we need to rediscover how to be friends with both parts. Whatever happens in the mind goes to the body and there are so many conflicts happening in the mind, through its thoughts and emotions, even conditioned ideas against our bodies, that this anguish and anxiety enters the body and causes energetic blocks and tensions there, which then appear as physical and emotional problems. We have never been taught to listen to our own body – and miracles can happen through it.

“Change the body, the mind changes. Change the mind, the body changes.” Osho

Presence-based therapy, encourages the “communication” of experience between the mind and the body. This allows a greater understanding of issues to be developed and enables sustainable movement towards aliveness, self-regulation, creativity, greater self-awareness, as well as improved health and wellbeing. This approach serves as a powerful and life-changing catalyst on the journey of self-discovery, personal growth, understanding, transformation, healing and integration. It helps us to open up to sincere vulnerability and become conscious of unconscious and destructive mechanisms. Thus, we can be more of who we truly are and become more present to the real experience of being alive – opening the door to a more fulfilling, meaningful, inspired, authentic and peaceful life.

I have completed:

  • The Essence Training – Dimensions of Being, at UTA, Cologne;
  • ‘Working with People’ – Holistic Counselling, ‘A Psychology of Awakening.’
  • ‘Inner Man/Inner Woman Work – Dynamics of Masculine and Feminine in Relating.’

Please have a look at this video about the transformative power of this unique approach.

I provide 1-1 sessions (in person or online) and run groups with a focus on being present.I work through a deep love of the truth and a curiosity about what that is for you.

Want to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on how we could work together.