Creative Flow

Always wanted to write that book? Make an album as a musician? Become a painter? Or simply just don’t feel you are in the flow… A particular joy of mine is working with people on unlocking their creative mojo!

Through one-to-one sessions and my group workshops, I use journalling techniques, creative tools and mindfulness and meditation to support them to unlock their innate talents and creative life-force energy. Living a curious life provides a gateway to a deeper connection with oneself and through this to greater self-awareness and the emergence of a natural sense of creativity and fulfilment.


I work with people at a deep authentic level to realise what is important to them and help them know that they have the resources to achieve anything they desire. I listen, observe and reflect back, shining light on and releasing limiting patterns and beliefs, to help you find a sure and whole connection with yourself. It is wonderful to see you realise you knew what is your truth all along. All it needs sometimes is someone to help you see it.

To find out more or to have an informal chat about what you are looking for, please contact me or check out my events page.