"I have been lucky enough to work with Leonie in a deeply therapeutic way with somatic experiencing – it is an intense process but one I have found to be profoundly healing. Working in this way takes a great deal of trust & I am so lucky to have found such a compassionate therapist and coach who intuitively knows what technique will suit the session or the issue & creates an environment where the deepest levels can be reached. I can’t thank you enough 🙏
Jacquie Shortland

‘My son is bouncing again and I haven’t seen that for years. It is unbelievable to experience. You have transformed a young soul. Thank you.’

– feedback from a mother after the ‘Get Unstuck’ workshop

“If you are battling with stress, anxiety or need to clear your head of unhelpful static, these sessions with Leonie are a must for you. Leonie is a hugely powerful practitioner who will help you unlock negative emotions from within your body and mind, help you gain clarity and help you find peace. Do yourself a favour!”

– Sam Gifford, Scotland


“I love Leonie’s coaching style. I first met her at an Eyes Wide Opened weekend and she was key to opening up my mind to the possibilities that might be within me for growth and change. Leonie immediately understood what I’m about, bringing a creative, spiritual and practical approach to the problems I was facing. I was so inspired by Leonie, that I went on to have individual coaching sessions with her. She allowed me to take a deep breath, explore in depth, and create new narratives for my life. Leonie is a brilliant coach – she is warm, committed and brings her powerful insight to the sessions.”

– Sheela Banerjee, London

online therapy scotland“I approached Leonie because I felt like I had reached a cross road in my professional and personal life. I had heard that Leonie could particularly help to inspire creativity and kick start the artist in me again. Leonie helped me by analysing my core skills and strengths, I began to see how I could work on these skills or develop new ones.
I found the sessions over the four weeks extremely useful and I came away feeling positive and excited as to the possibilities that my future held. I especially liked Leonie’s warm and natural manner and engaging style. I would highly recommend Leonie to anyone who thought they needed a sense of clarity and guidance towards the next stage whether it be professionally or personally. Thank you Leonie for helping me find my sparkle again!”
– Debbie Dunning, Scotland

“I’ve worked with Leonie on a number of courses and she has a presence and an intelligence that really allows people to open up and find the best in themselves. It’s a rare gift and I’ve seen people leave her coaching with a whole new spring in their stride from her insightful sessions. This page is well named ‘A Curious Life’ because her curiousity combined with her warm heart draw out optimism and new motivation from all who work with her. Can’t recommend her enough!”

– Julie Batty, England

You flicked a switch! It was a standout weekend.’

– a participant at the ‘Get Unstuck’ workshop