Individual sessions

One-to-one coaching and counselling

I provide 1-1 sessions and run groups with a focus on being present. Working through a deep love of the truth and a curiosity about what that means for you, I support you in opening up to feeling more alive again, more creative, with improved health and well-being. Contact me if you want to take the next step and work with me on your journey to feel more present and happier in your life.



Sessions are currently offered via Zoom and FaceTime, it is usually also possible to schedule in-person appointments in Scotland.

I believe that the therapeutic fit (the relationship between client and counsellor) is one of the key factors in the success of the therapeutic process, therefore I offer a 30-minute free introductory consultation, where we have a chance to speak before you book your first paid session.

• 30-minute initial free consultation

• 60-minute Sessions – 75 €/£/$

• 90-minute Session – 110 €/£/$

For online sessions please be sure to have a quiet private place so far as possible where you won’t be disturbed. Headphones give a further element of privacy so if you have these I would suggest using them. Be in a comfortable spot, with some cushions if possible and where you can relax. I always work with meditation and mindfulness techniques so being sure to be able to relax and be in comfort is important.

Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice and missed appointments are charged the full session fee.

holistic counselling: a psychology of awakening

We can work together on:

  • Holistic Counselling – emotional, cognitive and behavioural self-awareness
  • Relationship Counselling – Inner Man/Inner Woman work.
  • Meditation – Education & Guidance
  • Inquiry – Personal Growth – Awareness – Authenticity – Intuition – Creativity – Peace – Meditation  – Essence Work
  • Unblocking Creative Flow and Visioning
online meditation and inquiry classes

what is my approach ?

Holistic Counselling is a unique synthesis of Western Humanistic Psychology, Essence Work, Eastern spiritual traditions, and ancient Sufi wisdom (Lataif system) developed by renowned therapists and teachers, Turiya Hanover and Rafia Morgan.

Its methodology draws a powerful combination of therapeutic traditions: self-inquiry, somatic experiencing, shadow work, object relations, the wisdom of Enneagram, and various meditative and mindfulness practices. It is based in the understanding that we can reconnect with our innate ground of peace, wisdom, meaning, and joy, so that we can come home to the essence of who we are – whole and complete.

Through cultivating self-awareness and understanding the map of our own personality structure, we can recognise and acknowledge the unconscious mechanisms and survival strategies that hold us back from connecting to our true inner potential.

Once we understand more about the triggers and unconscious narratives of our lives, transformation and true healing becomes possible. As we accept and integrate even the most rejected aspects of ourselves, we can make conscious and constructive changes in our life. By having the courage to be vulnerable and exposed, we come to realize that there is nothing wrong with the way we are.

This approach serves as a powerful and life-changing catalyst on the journey of self-discovery, personal growth, understanding, transformation, healing and integration. It helps us to open up to sincere vulnerability and become conscious of unconscious and destructive mechanisms. Thus, we can be more of who we truly are and become more present to the real experience of being alive – opening the door to a more fulfilling, meaningful, inspired, authentic and peaceful life.

I have completed:

  • The Essence Training – Dimensions of Being, at UTA, Cologne;
  • ‘Working with People’ – Holistic Counselling, ‘A Psychology of Awakening.’
  • ‘Inner Man/Inner Woman Work – Dynamics of Masculine and Feminine in Relating.’
  • Gabor Mate – ‘Compassionate Inquiry’
  • Peter Levine – ‘Trauma First Aid’
  • Vipassana Silent Retreat – Suan Mokh, Thailand

Please have a look at this video about the transformative power of this unique approach.

Leonie Gordon holistic therapist

“If you are battling with stress, anxiety or need to clear your head of unhelpful static, these sessions with Leonie are a must for you. Leonie is a hugely powerful practitioner who will help you unlock negative emotions from within your body and mind, help you gain clarity and help you find peace. Do yourself a favour!”

– Sam Gifford, Scotland